The Ecology Song, or The Unsustainable Blues

How many more Big Energy projects can Earth take?

Behind every mega-energy project, behind the corporate veneer of a PR coup d’etat, behind the gloss and the rhetoric, the false promise of jobs for millions, there is a human cost. A cost considered dispensable. A cost hidden by a compliant media all too eager to please their overlords, the very same corporate and political goliaths behind the mega-project.

Don’t kid yourself. What happens in Brazil, and countless other sites, can and does occur in Canada. This is nothing more than corporate totalitarianism. To some this planet is nothing more than a playground for drilling, excavation, mining, plunder and environmental destruction. If you don’t believe so, explain the many missing and murdered (mostly indigenous) environmentalists in South America. Consider the brutality of Canadian-owned and operated mines throughout SA. The suits and ties, the guys with berets and guns, will have you killed if you dare try to assail their wanton greed and devastation.

For more, admittedly better, analysis see: 

And what was the source of this brief rant:



This is why we resist. Site C, Kinder Morgan, and whatever other shady project is in the works are of no benefit but to the tiny minority of psychopaths who will choose profits over people until there is either no more earth to plunder, or people to murder. This, my friends, is as unsustainable as it gets.

Hour by hour, we lose precious acreage and landmass to deforestation and mining projects.

This year, I urge you to consider donating to the organizations that work tirelessly to protect and preserve the vulnerable habitats of the planet, that sustain Indigenous cultures around the world. As any charity fundraiser will tell you, a little goes a long way indeed. And then there’s the social capital for you.

So look into Kayapo and their partners: ICFC, Environmental Defence Fund, Conservation International,, and The Wild Foundation.

I pledge to write more about environmental causes in the future, and will also put my money where this big ol’ mouth of mine is. I can only ask that you follow me in this pursuit to help heal this planet of ours.


All photo credits WikiCommons. If you believe a photo depicted here has been erroneously credited, contact me at I thank you.


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