Seal Hunt Blood Sport: Canada’s Shame

Death and depravity in Canada

Death and depravity in Canada

The seal hunt, the annual barbarous shame that blights the name Canada commences, yet again. I vomit in disgust. My rage never tires. The noxious deed leaves me ashamed that this needless cruelty continues, despite an ever dwindling market for seal pelts. There is no National Pride for this blood sport; the seal hunt is nothing short of legalized murder.

Fishery and Ocean Canada and the lobbyists in Ottawa bring you this grotesque abomination even though millions the world over turn their backs and gag. As a result of the continued seal hunt, I encourage all to boycott Canada, especially the Atlantic provinces. Terminate business trips and cancel vacations here. Canada, my home, does not deserve your loyalty. Most of all, do not buy seal fur or any product made of seal. Avoid any retailer who dares capitalize on the seal hunt. 

There is no “sport” to the seal hunt, despite the pathetic excuses of the participants. There is nothing masculine, humane, commendable or noble in the practice. The seal hunt is an outdated, vile act that serves no purpose in civilization. We talk so much about the role nature and the environment plays into the fabric of the Canadian being … all the while covered in baby seal blood. Oh, the hypocrisy is stifling.

“Economic Action Plan 2015 proposes to provide $5.7 million over five years, starting in 2015–16, to help secure new market access for Canadian seal products. Sealing is a way of life and a valuable source of food in many Aboriginal and coastal communities. Seal products also generate income in some communities that have limited job opportunities. … The Government will continue to support efforts by the broader sealing industry to increase export market opportunities.” (Emphasis added.)

As points out, “An industry that generates a million to a few million dollars for sealers and requires over a million dollars a year in subsidies is not a viable industry.” In short, the seal market has dried up. A 2001 report by the Canadian Institute for Business and the Environment admitted as much: “Changing consumer preferences, and the measures taken in Europe and the United States to protect seal stocks, have caused the sealing industry worldwide to decline.” Nonetheless from 1995-2001, Ottawa threw $20 million CDN into the “unstable” Atlantic seal industry. And here we are in 2017, still tossing money to prop up a bloodsport that shows no returns.

And then, there’s Europe. In February, the European Commission amended Article 3(1) of Regulation (EC) No 1007/2009 to allow an exemption of seal products from the Government of the Northwest Territories of Canada into the European market. From the ruling: “The seal hunt is part of the socio-economy, culture and identity of the Inuit and other indigenous communities and it contributes greatly to their subsistence and development.” A distressing amendment as it seems ripe for exploitation. A full universal ban on seal murder is the only sound solution. No exceptions, period.

Meanwhile, let’s take this moment to applaud the good people of Switzerland for banning the import of seal furs and other related products. And a shoutout to the nobel folk at PETA for their ongoing work on the matter. For more info on what PETA is doing, and how you can help, visit here. Other sources of righteousness: HSI, IFAW, Harpseals and Kids4Seals.

Shame on the Harvesters. And these clowns too. I stand for seals and against the profiteers who are morally content to feed, clothe, and house their families from the spoils of murder. Better to starve and be homeless than to engage in the craven murder of defenceless Pinnipeds.

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