Jian Ghomeshi: The Smug Prince Resurfaces

Jian Ghomeshi returns.

Jian Ghomeshi tries to resurrect his career with ego trip podcast. Photo: Sarjoun Faour.

Jian Ghomeshi has a new media project out called The Ideation Project*. Not a snappy title but much improved over the original: ‘How to Beat and Rape Women, Manipulate Men’s Rights Activist Scum Fucks, Influence Public Broadcaster Cucks and Avert Jail Time by Playing on Vulnerable Witnesses.’

Once the darling prince of the CBC, Jian Ghomeshi’s cache collapsed under sexual assault allegations in 2014. (Here’s a timeline of the case from his former employer.) The 49-year old former broadcaster was found not guilty in 2016 in a case that scandalized the public broadcaster. Read The Globe and Mail‘s reportage of the case here.

To accept Jian back is to normalize sexual assault and to condemn survivors of sexual assault and harassment to ever more shame. Don’t let this happen. Resist Jian.

But back to the present day.

With Jian Ghomeshi’s day in court long since passed, he has resurfaced with a new media project and a fancy PR firm trying their best to scrub off the monstrous taint that now permeates the Ghomeshi brand. Well, good luck, Chuck. The project in question is a confused medley of slam poetry, music, “ideas” and aimless cultural commentary. Not exactly what sexual assault survivors and/or advocates want to hear from the former Moxy Fruvous member. Assuming, of course, any of them want him back in their newsfeeds or daily lives to begin with.

Honestly, I am not sure who Ghomeshi wishes to market himself to. You must be a creep to find any line of defence to support Jian. Or a well-paid member of Toronto-based Reputation PR Agency. (According to Global.)But, here he is, meekly crawling back into the cultural limelight with a podcast project that glistens with pretension, but no sheen of humility or air of grace. His past was a charade, so what is he masking with The Ideation Project other than his aborted literary bona fides and his terminally ill musical aspirations?

To accept Jian Ghomeshi back is to normalize sexual assault and to condemn survivors of sexual assault and harassment to ever more shame and indignity. Don’t let this happen. Resist Jian. (And based on the early returns from Twitter, people are.)

But, turning back to the “man” in question, a few words from my boot to his arse.

Dearest Jian,

Please take this the wrong way: You’re an odious, expunged rectum. Pseudo-slam poetry will not save your career. Once a pig, always a pig. But if you play your cards right, you could have Bill O’Reilly’s job some day. Until then, fellate a cactus.

Jason Motz

This post originally appeared on my Facebook page in an altered format.

* Normally I would include a hyperlink to the website in question. However, in this case, I feel that to acknowledge its existence, even if to ridicule it, is enough press than Jian Ghomeshi deserves. 

Photo source: https://www.flickr.com/photos/cfccreates/14166253052

UPDATE: 04/12/2017

Due to the overwhelming, but rightly earned bad publicity, Ghomeshi’s comeback took a crosscheck to the chin today, as reported by CTV. Kudos to Art19, a San Francisco-based web host firm, for its decision to suspend Ghomeshi’s venture from their services. SoundCloud, which as of this writing still offers the vanity project of the beleaguered Ghomeshi on its services, has yet to weigh in on the subject.


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