The Ecology Song, or The Unsustainable Blues

How many more Big Energy projects can Earth take?

Behind every mega-energy project, behind the corporate veneer of a PR coup d’etat, behind the gloss and the rhetoric, the false promise of jobs for millions, there is a human cost. A cost considered dispensable. A cost hidden by a compliant media all too eager to please their overlords, the very same corporate and political goliaths behind the mega-project.

Don’t kid yourself. What happens in Brazil, and countless other sites, can and does occur in Canada. This is nothing more than corporate totalitarianism. To some this planet is nothing more than a playground for drilling, excavation, mining, plunder and environmental destruction. If you don’t believe so, explain the many missing and murdered (mostly indigenous) environmentalists in South America. Consider the brutality of Canadian-owned and operated mines throughout SA. The suits and ties, the guys with berets and guns, will have you killed if you dare try to assail their wanton greed and devastation.

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This is why we resist. Site C, Kinder Morgan, and whatever other shady project is in the works are of no benefit but to the tiny minority of psychopaths who will choose profits over people until there is either no more earth to plunder, or people to murder. This, my friends, is as unsustainable as it gets.

Hour by hour, we lose precious acreage and landmass to deforestation and mining projects.

This year, I urge you to consider donating to the organizations that work tirelessly to protect and preserve the vulnerable habitats of the planet, that sustain Indigenous cultures around the world. As any charity fundraiser will tell you, a little goes a long way indeed. And then there’s the social capital for you.

So look into Kayapo and their partners: ICFC, Environmental Defence Fund, Conservation International,, and The Wild Foundation.

I pledge to write more about environmental causes in the future, and will also put my money where this big ol’ mouth of mine is. I can only ask that you follow me in this pursuit to help heal this planet of ours.


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Daphne Caruana Galizia: Another soldier of truth murdered

Daphne Caruana Galizia was killed for exposing criminality among the power elite.

Galizia, author of The Panama Papers, has been assassinated.


Daphne Caruana Galizia joins the ranks of martyred journalists. Known for her role in unleashing The Panama Papers in 2016, a massive, global corruption scandal of Byzantine structure, Galizia is the 51st journalist/media member to be killed in 2017. (The 16th victim who was covering politics. See more here.) She was 53 when at least one car bomb ended her life in Mosta, Malta.

No claims of responsibility have been made for her death as of yet. It is my innate cynicism which says her killer(s) will never be captured.

The Panama Papers (TPP), 11.5 million leaked documents in total, detailed over 200,000 offshore companies, and touched upon governments, sporting agencies, entertainment figures, and virtually every prominent political party across the globe. Names like Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, former British Prime Minister David Cameron, Vladimir Putin, Mark Thatcher (Maggie’s son) and Jackie Chan appear throughout TPP. Iceland’s then-Prime Minister, David Gunnlaugsson was forced to resign in the wake of the leak.

Galizia’s assassination is a reminder of the threat posed to journalists. Political powers will resort to all manner of coercion, including but not limited to violence, to silence those who, through stealth, resolve, intuition, and a belief in truth, seek to cut the rot out of politics. It’s a dangerous game journalists play.

Mad love and respect to the journos, bloggers, and hacktivists in every country who submit themselves to danger by being nosey, rutting around the dark, slimy bins that occupy state and corporate secrets. Galizia may be gone, but her work and her legacy will live on.

For more on the ongoing investigation of Galizia’s murder, see the following. And this. Lastly, this too.

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The Day After Manchester: Pity or Piety? Sincerity or Social Pressure?

Manchester Will Endure


May 23, 2017

To the leaders of the free world who are using their various PR events today to castigate terrorism in the wake of the Manchester bomb blast last night, I respectfully ask you to shut up. Sorry, but your ‘thoughts and prayers’ will do no good. Your ‘condolences’ are ineffectual to the problems at hand. Namely, you’re a mealy-mouthed poltroon awash in hypocrisy. These utterances, so common as to be a Google Sheets template, that pour out in the hours after a terror event kills and maims scores of people in the West have been devalued as expressions of pity and rather enhanced as tools of political piety. When breathed through the thin lips of a Trump, May, Trudeau or Bibi, the words simply fulfill the PR requirements statehood mandates.

The irony, lost on a sad majority, is that these same opponents of terror happen to be the architects of global terrorism: the West openly finances, even fabricates, arms, and trains militant groups across the globe. What is the name of an ideology that foments the terror campaigns a-rage in Syria, Palestine, Afghanistan, Indonesia, Libya, Somalia and Yemen, but all at once weeps for British, American, German, French, Israeli, and Dutch victims of terror? Dear leaders, which side of your mouth does your true self speak from?

what is the difference between a child who died last night in Manchester with that of a child killed today in Yemen? Chances are you wept for the former and never heard of the latter.

Such hypocrisy is no virgin bride to the realpolitik, but when it bleeds into the public sphere, is it not equally phony? After all, what is the difference between a child who died last night in Manchester with that of a child killed today in Yemen? Chances are you wept for the former and never heard of the latter. News feeds today were churning out globby chunks of patronizing claptrap, much of it with an unironic Jesus-y vibe to it all, as though the author hadn’t paid close attention to life since before The Crusades. I am not saying that anyone who took to their Twitter account and spoke compassionately of the victims of Manchester’s latest heinous atrocity was being insincere; quite the opposite. A little more insincerity might actually do us all a world of good, however. Instead of bemoaning the loss of lie, ask your leaders why this had to fucking happen?

No, the problem I have with the public campaigns like Je Suis Charlie and I Stand With (Heart icon+name of recent grotesque killing scene), is that they are as easy to slap on as a politician’s pancake makeup. Nobody on social media wants to feel like the asshole in the group, right? ‘Better swap that selfie for a pic of Stamford Bridge, Reg, or you’ll look like a right cunt.’ This is propaganda at its shit-encrusted worst, marketing most loathsome, and that’s saying something for an industry that monetized lung cancer.

But I can hear the argument: ‘these people are using a small gesture to show the victims they care.’ Exactly. It’s a small, pathetic gesture of self-importance. Victims are not scrolling through their social media accounts today looking for Likes and new followers, they’re trying to heal! Meanwhile, back in the United Nations of Hypocritical Liberalism, people far flung from the terror are shocked and awed that “such a thing could happen.” Mate, where have you been since forever? This isn’t even “news” anymore. I mean, it’s news when it’s a terror incident in Paris or England, San Bernadino or Australia. ‘Egypt? Pffft. Somalia? Fuck ’em. Because of Somali I had to endure that Blackhawk Down shite fest of a movie.’ When will people in the West stop mythologizing their suffering and start condemning the terror their governments perpetuate? Because the blowback is what we saw in Manchester on Monday night.

Empty gestures do not bring people back, no more than prayers will stop the next lone wolf gunman from popping off in a daycare centre. Pictures of tourist monuments with hearts and roses? The solemn faces of a “distressed” politician who cannot help but think what if the victim was his own kid? Pointless charades done for optics. We, even myself with a stupid eiffel tower symbol after Bataclan, fall prey to the social obligations of sorrow. The politicians, unless they’re named Duarte who is badger-in-heat-crazy, do it because it’s expected of them … and then they go about their golf game or tea party in the garden. And what, what does either achieve beyond saving face? Not a fucking trinket. The dead stay dead, the maimed live on as best as they can. Meanwhile, the West continues its bromance with Israel, Canada and the US ink arms deals with serial human rights shitter-uponers Saudi Arabia, and the pathological blindness of its own crimes abroad goes unabated. Moreover, people continue to die because we in the West value division and control over the sanctity of life. Class, race, religion, sex, whatever we can use to pit humans against humans will be used like velvet-handled truncheon.

Our leaders lie to us, that’s a given. The institutions that surround our neighbourhoods carry on with the whitewashing of our history. We Westerners are constantly in motion between playing the conquering hero or bereaved victim, that we never quite see ourselves as the great, malignant tumour on the colon of the humanity. If we really want to honour the lives of those lost in Manchester, we can start by grieving for all humans victimized by terrorism, especially those who die directly as a result of bombs we financed, drones we built, rebel groups we train expertly in covert ops. Then, we put the avatars and memes aside and mobilize against our leaders and the systems in place that allow terrorism to exist (on our tax dollars).

Terrorism is enshrined within Western political thought. As such, terrorism is inescapable.

I know, I know. ‘Shut up, Jason.’ If only I could.




How to talk to millennials about voting

I spoke with a couple of millennials earlier today, election day in British Columbia. One of them was engaged and said he was voting straight after work. The other, a mother of two, said she would too … if she has time. She betrayed a complete lack of knowledge about the three main parties. Look, I would love to fling myself  onto the ‘millennials are self-righteous ignorant gobshites because they don’t vote’ dogpile, but I was that self-righteous, ignorant gobshite when I was that age. No one of any age likes a hypocrite.

Props to those youths who are active, involved, outraged, pissed off, fed up, discouraged, rancorous, skeptical of the system but still willing to swallow down hard on the bitter spunk that is political rhetoric …this is the direct path to adulthood. Those types are out there. They exist. Millennials catch a lot of flack, but the generalizations must stop. Read more

BC Goes to the Polls

Bill the Butcher gets out the vote

Bill the Butcher gets out the vote

Seal Hunt Blood Sport: Canada’s Shame

Death and depravity in Canada

Death and depravity in Canada

The seal hunt, the annual barbarous shame that blights the name Canada commences, yet again. I vomit in disgust. My rage never tires. The noxious deed leaves me ashamed that this needless cruelty continues, despite an ever dwindling market for seal pelts. There is no National Pride for this blood sport; the seal hunt is nothing short of legalized murder.

Fishery and Ocean Canada and the lobbyists in Ottawa bring you this grotesque abomination even though millions the world over turn their backs and gag. As a result of the continued seal hunt, I encourage all to boycott Canada, especially the Atlantic provinces. Terminate business trips and cancel vacations here. Canada, my home, does not deserve your loyalty. Most of all, do not buy seal fur or any product made of seal. Avoid any retailer who dares capitalize on the seal hunt. 

There is no “sport” to the seal hunt, despite the pathetic excuses of the participants. There is nothing masculine, humane, commendable or noble in the practice. The seal hunt is an outdated, vile act that serves no purpose in civilization. We talk so much about the role nature and the environment plays into the fabric of the Canadian being … all the while covered in baby seal blood. Oh, the hypocrisy is stifling.

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Jian Ghomeshi: The Smug Prince Resurfaces

Jian Ghomeshi returns.

Jian Ghomeshi tries to resurrect his career with ego trip podcast. Photo: Sarjoun Faour.

Jian Ghomeshi has a new media project out called The Ideation Project*. Not a snappy title but much improved over the original: ‘How to Beat and Rape Women, Manipulate Men’s Rights Activist Scum Fucks, Influence Public Broadcaster Cucks and Avert Jail Time by Playing on Vulnerable Witnesses.’

Once the darling prince of the CBC, Jian Ghomeshi’s cache collapsed under sexual assault allegations in 2014. (Here’s a timeline of the case from his former employer.) The 49-year old former broadcaster was found not guilty in 2016 in a case that scandalized the public broadcaster. Read The Globe and Mail‘s reportage of the case here.

To accept Jian back is to normalize sexual assault and to condemn survivors of sexual assault and harassment to ever more shame. Don’t let this happen. Resist Jian.

But back to the present day.

With Jian Ghomeshi’s day in court long since passed, he has resurfaced with a new media project and a fancy PR firm trying their best to scrub off the monstrous taint that now permeates the Ghomeshi brand. Well, good luck, Chuck. The project in question is a confused medley of slam poetry, music, “ideas” and aimless cultural commentary. Not exactly what sexual assault survivors and/or advocates want to hear from the former Moxy Fruvous member. Assuming, of course, any of them want him back in their newsfeeds or daily lives to begin with.

Honestly, I am not sure who Ghomeshi wishes to market himself to. You must be a creep to find any line of defence to support Jian. Or a well-paid member of Toronto-based Reputation PR Agency. (According to Global.)But, here he is, meekly crawling back into the cultural limelight with a podcast project that glistens with pretension, but no sheen of humility or air of grace. His past was a charade, so what is he masking with The Ideation Project other than his aborted literary bona fides and his terminally ill musical aspirations?

To accept Jian Ghomeshi back is to normalize sexual assault and to condemn survivors of sexual assault and harassment to ever more shame and indignity. Don’t let this happen. Resist Jian. (And based on the early returns from Twitter, people are.)

But, turning back to the “man” in question, a few words from my boot to his arse.

Dearest Jian,

Please take this the wrong way: You’re an odious, expunged rectum. Pseudo-slam poetry will not save your career. Once a pig, always a pig. But if you play your cards right, you could have Bill O’Reilly’s job some day. Until then, fellate a cactus.

Jason Motz

This post originally appeared on my Facebook page in an altered format.

* Normally I would include a hyperlink to the website in question. However, in this case, I feel that to acknowledge its existence, even if to ridicule it, is enough press than Jian Ghomeshi deserves. 

Photo source:

UPDATE: 04/12/2017

Due to the overwhelming, but rightly earned bad publicity, Ghomeshi’s comeback took a crosscheck to the chin today, as reported by CTV. Kudos to Art19, a San Francisco-based web host firm, for its decision to suspend Ghomeshi’s venture from their services. SoundCloud, which as of this writing still offers the vanity project of the beleaguered Ghomeshi on its services, has yet to weigh in on the subject.


M-103: No, Sharia is Not the New Law in Canada

… But if you think that is the case, well maybe you’re just jonesing for the legitimization of your own racist leanings.

Yes, M-103, the controversial motion that would condemn anti-islam sentiment, passed today. And it wasn’t even close: 201-91. Sorry, Muslim haters. Better luck next time.

Iqra Khalid

Iqra Khalid

The private members’ motion, first introduced by Iqra Khalid in December 2016, was viewed critically by the Conservative Party, as well as by average citizens. A poll released earlier in the day by Angus Reid, suggests that if the fate of the motion had been up to the public and not the politicians, M-103 would have been defeated.

So what’s the problem with M-103 passing? Why are so many people in the Tory base taking to Twitter now and decrying the death of Canada and ‘FREE SPEECH RIP’? Could it be some people are so beholden to an ideology that relies on the vilification of The Other (in this case Muslims in general, but Islam more broadly) that what they incorrectly interpret as a threat to their vaunted “Canadian Values,” is just the sensible backlash of the enlightened majority?

Kellie Leitch and Chris Alexander will be frothing at the mouth, if they aren’t already. Tomorrow, conservative blogs will bay for Justin Trudeau’s head. (Well, frothier than a regular Friday rant). And pity poor Ms. Khalid. What warm bipartisan sentiments await her social media channels and voicemail? She may wish to take a long weekend … and hope for an NHL scandal to break out by Monday morning. Read more

Lessons in Freelancing: The Hustle of Pitching

Rolling, rolling, rolling, keep them pitches rolling … this is the love cry of the freelance writer.

Writers are not going to win a lot of sympathy from the rest of the working world. The sooner a young writer accepts that, the easier it is to plug along in the hustle-bustle world of freelancing; it’s a grind without compromise or immediate reward.

One can develop their craft, expand their network, create a beautiful website and an astonishing portfolio with relative ease. Man hours and diligent work, yes, but with such effort, the results are clear and identifiable. Writing pitches? There’s some serious trial and error involved. Reading a few pages of Writer’s Digest can give one a sense of the no-nos, but to really learn the “art” of the pitch, one must pitch. And pitch often.

Needless to say, rejection is a huge part of the curriculum. Stony silence, frosty indifference, and abject, hardcore ‘Fuck Off’-edness are the three learning objects pitching will instill upon a young writer.

Eating rejection is, for most writers, the only diet they will ever know.

There is a notion in the minds of most young writers that there is an art to pitching, that there is such a beast as the perfect pitch. Well, yes, there is a perfect pitch: pros call it a SALE. (These are easy to discern by the need to send an invoice to a publication.) Beyond that, writers are slaves to many strictures: editorial calendars, the shelf life of a story, the whims and needs of an editor, budgets, BUDGETS, B-U-D-G-E-T-S. Perfection is a unicorn. What appeals to one editor won’t work in another market. And though your pitch may be “perfect” in its flow and syntax, it could be sent out at a time where one editor is in transition or when people are being let go, or a budget is being slashed or a publication is shuttering the windows.

Magazines, newspapers, and blogs are hyper-paced industries. Who was the managing editor on the Monday morning you sent your pitch could be made redundant by noontime that same day. For the freelance writer, you cannot anticipate every such move. You cannot worry about shuffling positions or retracting budgets. Simply understanding the varied submission requirements is enough; that, and keeping your pitch a) on point, b) as specific as possible without being bereft of character and c) tailored to the proper market. Everything else is out of your power.

I had that message reinforced this week.

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BC Election: BC Shit Show Trumps US Drama

Is Christy Clark heading for a big fall this spring?

Image: Shannon J. Lewis


These are the last few, precious days of our pre-President Trump existence. Savour them. The dread, uncertainty, hell … the anticipation of whatever his presidency will bring is palpable. Whatever befalls us after January 20th, the next four years (minimum) will be interesting.

Meanwhile, in Canada, shit needs doing.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s honeymoon seems to have ended, but he is reasonably secure in his position for the time being, despite whatever his Tory critics might wish. Canadians on the whole can take comfort: we’re neither as anxious as our neighbours to the south, nor as nervous as our UK brethren. But for British Columbians, worn out from an exhausting US election, we have little time to rebound: we hit the polls in May.

Liberal Christy Clark must thank Trump’s orange-hued hide every morning for causing another distraction for the media to follow. The more we look away from her job performance, the stronger she gets. Trump’s Twitter rants about whichever Hollywood personality has earned his momentary wrath  is clickbait gold from BC to DC. That’s not Clark’s problem, but it is ours. Read more