BC Election: BC Shit Show Trumps US Drama

Is Christy Clark heading for a big fall this spring?

Image: Shannon J. Lewis


These are the last few, precious days of our pre-President Trump existence. Savour them. The dread, uncertainty, hell … the anticipation of whatever his presidency will bring is palpable. Whatever befalls us after January 20th, the next four years (minimum) will be interesting.

Meanwhile, in Canada, shit needs doing.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s honeymoon seems to have ended, but he is reasonably secure in his position for the time being, despite whatever his Tory critics might wish. Canadians on the whole can take comfort: we’re neither as anxious as our neighbours to the south, nor as nervous as our UK brethren. But for British Columbians, worn out from an exhausting US election, we have little time to rebound: we hit the polls in May.

Liberal Christy Clark must thank Trump’s orange-hued hide every morning for causing another distraction for the media to follow. The more we look away from her job performance, the stronger she gets. Trump’s Twitter rants about whichever Hollywood personality has earned his momentary wrath  is clickbait gold from BC to DC. That’s not Clark’s problem, but it is ours.

As enthralling of a media train wreck that Trump TV is, he is distracting people in BC from pressing, relevant issues: namely, that the BC Liberal Party is on the ropes. Can The Tories land the winning blow? Will the NDP play spoiler? The Greens … will they ever be more than the butt of a cruel joke? The President of the United States has more influence globally than our fair provincial leader, but Trump is America’s problem to deal with. Yes, he’s loud, fatuous, crass, a Rob Ford minus the crack, and has a chronic case of foot in mouth syndrome … but forget about him for now. Turn your attention 180 degrees to your backyard. As unsexy as BC politics may be, this is our home and it’s long overdue for spring cleaning.

As unsexy as BC politics may be, this is our home and it’s long overdue for spring cleaning.

An unrelenting opioid crisis; unaffordable housing; inadequate mental health care; growing racial tensions; a dire job market, especially for young workers and those who can’t afford to retire; student loan debt at appalling levels; and growing rancour over LNG and the Dirty Energy concerns so beloved by Clark’s Party … these are but a few of the issues that should be trending across BC this week, not Trump vs. Streep. Priorities, people, let’s get some.

BC residents, including this blogger, must turn away from the freak show politics of the US, and put our attention on those whose positions and power will dictate our mood a year from now.

Go cold turkey on Trump and the sugary snacks of mainstream US media. We need to watch our own political waistlines. This blog will be paying more attention to events, people, and issues related to BC in the lead up to the May election. While detours into other issues should be expected, the overall optics are shifting focus. In time, I will dig through the issues of note, the candidates, the Big Three and the Fringe Parties, and will weigh in with my predictions for the big show. The US shit show is over folks; the BC program is about to begin.


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