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Closing Time, 2016

December 20th. We’re almost there. The finish line is a breath or two away. Soon, we can close this chapter of our lives. Was there a year more challenging than this? Or did we delude ourselves 12 months ago by thinking that, someway somehow, 2016 would be any different?  Thank Christ, it’s over. Personally, 2016 was neither bad […]

On Human Rights Day, A Letter Can Save A Life

  By Jason Motz Iiham Tothi. Maxima Acuna. Annie Alfred. Giyas Ibrahimov. Mahmoud Abu Zeid, aka Shawkan. Fomusoh Ivo Feh. Narges Mohammadi. Edward Snowden. Prisoners of conscience. Some imprisoned, others exiled, all in danger from their respective governments for speaking or blogging. For supporting women’s rights or taking photos. All are the focal point of this year’s Write for Rights […]

Canadian Perspectives: What NoDAPL Means for the Nation’s Activists

By Jason Motz This week’s blog about the ongoing NoDAPL protests in North Dakota slots in under the header intended for a recurring “series” called Canadian Perspectives. As the title implies, the focus will be on non-Canadian issues (the US election has already been covered in this manner) made up of interviews, questionnaires, and op-eds […]


Final thoughts on the 2016 US election By Jason Motz Four days after the shocking election of Donald Trump to the US White House, I found myself at the tail end of a quick two-day jaunt to Nevada. As a Canadian, those two days provided an interesting insight into today’s political reality ─ a post-election […]

FUBAR: A Report on the US Election – Hoser Edition.

What does the US election mean for Canada? By Jason Motz Breathe, Canada, breathe. Our friends in the US have just about chosen their next President. And by this evening, either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump will emerge victorious as the 45th President of the United States. As of Monday November 7th, the Financial Times had […]

FUBAR: A Report on the 2016 US Election – Part one

The finale of the US election is upon us. Will Hillary Clinton emerge victorious as the first woman to ever hold the highest office in the United States? Or will billionaire mogul and TV personality Donald Trump  put the Grand Old Party back in the saddle? Or could a dark horse third party candidate like […]

Journalism under attack: Goodman charged

  The charges against Amy Goodman are ludicrous and obscene. Rioting? Dear me. If one ever needed proof that journalists are harassed for doing their job, look no further than the case concerning Goodman. According to Democracy Now, Goodman is being charged by a North Dakota prosecutor for ‘participating in a “riot” for filming an […]