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The Ecology Song, or The Unsustainable Blues

Behind every mega-energy project, behind the corporate veneer of a PR coup d’etat, behind the gloss and the rhetoric, the false promise of jobs for millions, there is a human cost. A cost considered dispensable. A cost hidden by a compliant media all too eager to please their overlords, the very same corporate and political […]

Daphne Caruana Galizia: Another soldier of truth murdered

  Daphne Caruana Galizia joins the ranks of martyred journalists. Known for her role in unleashing The Panama Papers in 2016, a massive, global corruption scandal of Byzantine structure, Galizia is the 51st journalist/media member to be killed in 2017. (The 16th victim who was covering politics. See more here.) She was 53 when at […]

How to talk to millennials about voting

I spoke with a couple of millennials earlier today, election day in British Columbia. One of them was engaged and said he was voting straight after work. The other, a mother of two, said she would too … if she has time. She betrayed a complete lack of knowledge about the three main parties. Look, […]

Seal Hunt Blood Sport: Canada’s Shame

The seal hunt, the annual barbarous shame that blights the name Canada commences, yet again. I vomit in disgust. My rage never tires. The noxious deed leaves me ashamed that this needless cruelty continues, despite an ever dwindling market for seal pelts. There is no National Pride for this blood sport; the seal hunt is […]

Jian Ghomeshi: The Smug Prince Resurfaces

Jian Ghomeshi has a new media project out called The Ideation Project*. Not a snappy title but much improved over the original: ‘How to Beat and Rape Women, Manipulate Men’s Rights Activist Scum Fucks, Influence Public Broadcaster Cucks and Avert Jail Time by Playing on Vulnerable Witnesses.’ Once the darling prince of the CBC, Jian […]

M-103: No, Sharia is Not the New Law in Canada

… But if you think that is the case, well maybe you’re just jonesing for the legitimization of your own racist leanings. Yes, M-103, the controversial motion that would condemn anti-islam sentiment, passed today. And it wasn’t even close: 201-91. Sorry, Muslim haters. Better luck next time. The private members’ motion, first introduced by Iqra […]

Lessons in Freelancing: The Hustle of Pitching

Rolling, rolling, rolling, keep them pitches rolling … this is the love cry of the freelance writer. Writers are not going to win a lot of sympathy from the rest of the working world. The sooner a young writer accepts that, the easier it is to plug along in the hustle-bustle world of freelancing; it’s […]

BC Election: BC Shit Show Trumps US Drama

  These are the last few, precious days of our pre-President Trump existence. Savour them. The dread, uncertainty, hell … the anticipation of whatever his presidency will bring is palpable. Whatever befalls us after January 20th, the next four years (minimum) will be interesting. Meanwhile, in Canada, shit needs doing. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s honeymoon […]